Update for June

Alterations are happening at our house so my studio is full of extra pieces of furniture, but I have managed to do some exciting experimenting with my art. The process starts with wetting the paper but leaving a horizon line. Using a piece of card I scrape paint across the dry horizon, making sure to touch the wet paper as well, then watch the paint move. Totally unpredictable.

On 5th June fellow artist, Sally Thrush and myself opened our exhibition at the Imprint Gallery, Historic Village, Tauranga. This gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 2pm and the exhibition goes until the 3rd July.

Pamela and Sally at Imprint Gallery

Sales have started again after the impact of COVID-19, so I have reinstated my felt account for the ease and protection of selling my work. Check out pamsart.felt.co.nz.

Catch up next month.

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