July and it’s the middle of winter

Already half way through the year. Wow where did it go? (Most of it in lockdown actually)

Today I took down the exhibition ‘Coastal Connections’ at the Imprint Gallery Tauranga. It was very successful for Sally and I and we may look towards the space again in the future. Many thanks to Stella and Jackie.

Imprint Gallery at the Historic Village, Tauranga.

Another month of cramped space in my studio due to alterations in our house, overflowing into my studio. Not to be outdone I am working on a new series titled ‘Landscapes of the Soul.’ Abstract landscapes using a card scrapped across a wet paper, but leaving a dry horizon line. I’m loving the energy and freedom of movement in these works and would like to show some examples of these here.

For Trees
Tidal Landscape
Across the Waikato

If you are reading this, I would love to hear from you and have some feedback please.

Check out pamsart.felt.co.nz where I have a shop for some of my work. If there is anything you would like to buy let me know and I will list it on my felt shop.

In this world of change stay safe, be kind and I will blog again next month. Pamela

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