My world in April

I love the beach at this time ( actually I like it at anytime) and it continues to inspire my art journey and feed my soul.

This month I have taken another abstract watercolour workshop and again I learnt so much. A small group but so busy and went away with some stunning works.

Abstract watercolour workshop. The ultimate in ‘letting go’.

Unlimited Palette group finishes their online exhibition at the end of April. This has been held through Taranaki artist, Dale Copeland’s on line gallery Check it out!

Artist Journals

On a recent road trip to Taranaki I purchased a supply of possum skins for making my leather journals. In New Zealand opossum are a pest as they eat the young shoots of the native trees causing a lot of destruction. But the leather from this animal is soft and pliable and beautiful to work with. It gives me a lot of sensory pleasure in working with it and I’m sure those who have these unique books enjoy the tactile experience as well.

The April / May publication of Focus magazine, a promotional free magazine, has included Bay of Plenty ‘creatives’ and have included a write up of Pamela Lines – watercolourist. For those of you unable to pick up a copy go to Another opportunity for me to reach more people.

My most up to date way to show my work is through my instagram account, waihibeachart.

Thank you once again for following my blog. Until next month, Ka kite ano.

Pamela Lines

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