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Pamela Lines

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Pamela Lines is a Waihi Beach based watercolour artist. Her work reflects the coastal environment in which she lives.

Her working mantra “keep it simple, feel the essence” helps her to see her work in an uncomplicated way and she strives to reach this objective in every painting she creates.

She works in series exploring fully her environment at home. The tide, the harbour and the local landscape feed her creative energy, resulting in works that have colour and movement.

Through her works she connects with the viewer, to feel the essence of place, through the simplicity of the image and the versatility of watercolour. As watercolour is all about the movement of pigment through the water, the outcome is often inconsequential.

Pamela completed her Diploma of Art and Creativity (Honours) through the Learning Connexion, Wellington. She has sold to collections in New Zealand, Australia, America and England.

She is a member of:

Watercolour New Zealand Inc,

Waihi Plein Air

Unlimited Palette Artists

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