Sunny November

I have often wondered how good it would be to have a solo exhibition. Now I know. It’s a lot of work but so rewarding, especially when it’s held in Hawera, the town of my birth. Monday night 8th November was opening night for my Watercolour Reflections, Past and Present exhibition. I have been preparing for this exhibition since February and it was a great opening night with lots of my whanau (extended family) there to support me.

Solo exhibition opening night.
Official opening speech.
There are two rooms to the gallery with over 45 paintings hanging.
So exciting to see my name up on the gallery window. Almost like the lights of Hollywood.!!!

While we were down in Taranaki I used some time to find a beach and sit and do some plein air drawing.

This is Waihi Beach Hawera. Different to Waihi Beach Bay of Plenty. The wild coast and black iron sands are so different to where we live.
The mouth of the Waiongongora River, Ohawe.
Whitebait fishermen at the mouth of the river at Kaupokonui Beach, Taranaki.

Such a relaxing time soaking in the sun and atmosphere of the region of my birth. On the road trip back home we called in to the Lockwood show homes in Rotorua which are currently hosting an exhibition of art within the show homes. It was lovely to see work from local artists and my own work.

Not a very successful photo with all the reflections but it did look nice on the blonded timber walls of the house.

Well another exhibition has been canceled for this year. Franklin Arts exhibition will now be held from the 4th -13th March 2022. Hopefully those dates will be successful ones for Auckland.

EVENTS coming up early next year will include an Open Studio at Auckland Anniversary weekend.

The Art Tour from 14th – 19th February, to the Bay of Islands and Franklin Arts now in March.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog of what has been happening in my art world.

Pamela Lines artist.

October and it’s springtime.

Although springtime usually motivates me to paint, I haven’t. I can share some work with you though. While sitting on the beach the other day I did some plein air painting.

Rocks on the Beach

One thing I’ve noticed about plein air painting, it always seems lighter when you come inside!! The sea, sand, tides and waves are my constant inspiration.

On 24th September I had an impromptu open Studio. Always a lot of work setting it up but it was so enjoyable. I had 33 people sign in and wander around my studio and into the extended space in our garage.

Open Studio
Garage space well used.

Rotorua is hosting the Bay of Plenty 2021 Artists Exhibition. This will be open to the public from Monday 8 November to Sunday 12 December 10-4pm @ Lockwood Show Homes, Fairysprings Rd. Rotorua.

Rotorua ready!!

Franklin Arts have rescheduled their exhibition this year. Due to lockdown they are now opening to the public from Friday 26th November until Thursday 2nd December.

A little seascape for Franklin Arts exhibition.

After my open Studio I assessed and catalogued my work ready for my solo exhibition in the Lysaght Watt Gallery in Hawera. Still work away being framed but basically on track for opening night on Monday 8 November. It will run through til 4th December. Lysaght Watt Gallery Union St Hawera.

Still more spaces for the art tour up north. Itinerary and pricing available on request. It will be a non threatening, low key art experience for women of all artistic abilities.
My morning on the beach.

Thank you all for joining my blog. I love your feedback.

Ka kite ano.


September and Lockdown again.

I thought when we went into lockdown this time I would get lots of painting done and all the household chores that are constantly waiting for me. Instead the motivation left the household and we preferred to sit about, reading, watching tv and making melting moments. I did do some paintings of the beach for the Watercolour NZ 5 day challenge, which helped a little.

Towards Bowentown
Beach Access

Maddox Jewellers in Katikati still has the Visual Haiku in their gallery. Unfortunately no one can see it until we go down to level 2.

It was very cold at the beach last week so I did some plein air from my covered deck. Always good practice to do this. Not always with good results.

Bird bath in my garden
Claire’s front door.

My favourite day was when I had a session of wet on wet painting fast and loose and then putting a land mass across the horizon. What do you think??

In February 13th to 19th I am taking a group of women artists( beginners to advanced) on a painting holiday to the Bay of Islands. A fabulous opportunity for concentrating on your practice. If you would like to know more about this trip please make contact with either myself ( through this blog) or Sharron Hickman on 0274732934 or email Sharron is the tour guide through Exclusive Tours Ltd.

Once again thank you for taking the time to read my blog for the month.

My work is available on my Instagram account waihibeachart , , Waihi Beach Gallery and by appointment at my studio.

Ka kite ano. See you again.


August at the Beach.

Kia Ora. Thank you for checking in to my blog this month. It’s a beautiful time on the beach in August. High tides and crashing waves make walks along the beach quite exciting.

Full tide at Waihi Beach

The exhibition by the Unlimited Palette artists is hanging in Maddox Jewellers on the Main St in Katikati. Visual Haiku exhibition is a series of work 300x300mm all the one price. Each piece corresponds to a haiku poem either from the Katikati Haiku pathway, the artists themselves, or other sources.

A haiku from the Katikati Haiku walkway paired up with one of my reconnected art works.
The four artists of Unlimited Palette. Robyn Betterton, Pamela Lines, Berys Daly and Sally Thrush.

Other venues where my art is currently available include the Waihi Beach Gallery, online Felt shop, and through my studio at Waihi beach.

Thank you for your interest in my work and please give feedback and/or suggestions for including in my monthly blog.

Pamela Lines

July 2021

Over half way through the year already. For my art journey my year has two halves as well. The first half of the year is when I find I do most of my classes and paint, paint, paint. The second half of the year seems to be the season for exhibitions.

This year the season will start in August when our little group Unlimited Palette will be exhibiting at Maddox Jewellers in the Main Street Katikati. Our exhibition is Haiku in Art, where our art works will relate to a haiku from the haiku pathway in Katikati or from another source of haiku poems and the artist’s themselves.

On the night.
After the storm.
An earthy smell.
Michael McClintock.

All of the art work will measure 300 x 300mm and all priced at $120.

September will be a preparation and framing month. Submissions for Franklin Arts in Pukekohe with the exhibition from the 2nd October until the 10th October at the Pukekohe Town Hall. A superb event with some amazing art work. Looking forward to seeing that exhibition.

October is the highlight of my year with the Watercolour NZ exhibition SPLASH. Held annually at the Academy of Fine Art Wellington. This year from the 16th October through to the 31st October.

Wellington is always a special place with the SPLASH exhibition in October

November will include the inaugural exhibition of Bay of Plenty Artists in Rotorua. From the 8th November through to the 12th December.

My big news is my solo exhibition in Hawera in November. I have been accepted to exhibit at the beautiful Lysaght Watt Gallery from the 9th November until the 4th December. Pamela Lines: Watercolour past and present will be a journey through the last decade of my watercolour art. Hawera is the small town where I grew up and still have family there, so it will be like a homecoming for myself and my art.

Please get in touch with me if you would like to be part of opening night on Monday 8th November.

Wet on wet abstract watercolour.

My last class for the year will start tomorrow and go for 5 weeks. I do learn heaps from them but I’m ready to start preparations for Hawera and the coming exhibitions.

Workers in the art class.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog. As always would love to hear back from you.

Take care. Ka kite ano.


Just June

I’m only just putting my thoughts into place to create my monthly blog. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read it. We all have busy lives so I do appreciate your interest. Thanks also to those of you who respond to my blog. Love to hear from more of you. My email is if you prefer to email me.

A trip to Taranaki to see my whanau and some plein air with cousin Helen was a highlight of the month.

Mt. Taranaki

A quick autumn plein air.
Original handmade watercolour gift cards.

A day in the studio resulted in an abundance of beautiful cards. Some days I just feel like cutting paper and gluing it back together in a different format. Usually it results in one of my reconnected art works. This time they became cards.

Beginners watercolour class.

A hard day for the class this week. Putting colours together and watching them blend and make new colours. Exciting to watch.

749. The beach
750. Towards Bowentown

I know!!!! They are not abstract!!! I just needed to paint pictures of my beach. I enjoy doing these paintings of what I see but the abstract paintings are about what I feel. I’m now going back to what I ‘feel’ for the rest of the month.

I often have people ask where they can purchase my work. For me the easiest, safest way is through my shop online @ Felt. A website devoted to New Zealand creatives. Go to If you are an international buyer contact me through this website as felt is only for NZ and Australian sales.

Thank you for following my blog.

Ka kite ano. See you next time.


Mundane May

That heading sounds a bit boring but it has been a quiet month so far. Classes start next month, and sales have been very slow. Quiet time means time to regroup and get the jobs done that are passed over during the busy season. Cleaning the studio, putting the paints and tools back in their allocated areas so I know where to grab them when I need them. Also a great time for reframing works and getting them exhibition ready.

Work that is exhibition ready.
731. Reconnecting Landscape

Although my abstract work is different from my reconnecting series I still see similarities. Horizon lines, water and the land are constant within the images.

730. Seascape

I attended the Creative BOP workshop on Writing an Artist Statement and Pricing Artwork. Great time to meet other artists and obtain ideas for working on my business.

742. Across the Lake

My next beginners watercolour class starts on Tuesday 1st June 10-12 for 5 weeks.

Weekend classes available 12/13th or 19/20th. 9-3. $120 with all materials supplied.

Abstract watercolour workshop. Friday 11th or Friday 25th June. 9-3. $80

Not for beginners.

735. Landscape

Thank you for following my blog. If there is anything you would like me to include please be in touch. I had a request from a subscriber who would like a video of me working on my abstract paintings. I’m currently looking into this so watch this space.

Ka kite


My world in April

I love the beach at this time ( actually I like it at anytime) and it continues to inspire my art journey and feed my soul.

This month I have taken another abstract watercolour workshop and again I learnt so much. A small group but so busy and went away with some stunning works.

Abstract watercolour workshop. The ultimate in ‘letting go’.

Unlimited Palette group finishes their online exhibition at the end of April. This has been held through Taranaki artist, Dale Copeland’s on line gallery Check it out!

Artist Journals

On a recent road trip to Taranaki I purchased a supply of possum skins for making my leather journals. In New Zealand opossum are a pest as they eat the young shoots of the native trees causing a lot of destruction. But the leather from this animal is soft and pliable and beautiful to work with. It gives me a lot of sensory pleasure in working with it and I’m sure those who have these unique books enjoy the tactile experience as well.

The April / May publication of Focus magazine, a promotional free magazine, has included Bay of Plenty ‘creatives’ and have included a write up of Pamela Lines – watercolourist. For those of you unable to pick up a copy go to Another opportunity for me to reach more people.

My most up to date way to show my work is through my instagram account, waihibeachart.

Thank you once again for following my blog. Until next month, Ka kite ano.

Pamela Lines

March Update

Whew! Exciting month already. We have just come back from a week in our camper van ( in the loose sense of the words!! A bed and a pota potty) and had the excitement of evacuating our beach front camp site early Friday morning with tsunami alerts on our mobile phones. Wonderful technology! So the van was driven to higher ground, and there we stayed for 4 hours while we waited for a tsunami or the all clear, whichever came first.

The view from the back of the van where we waited. Made lots of coffee’s and cups of teas for those not as lucky to have their facilities with them.

It gave me to opportunity to sit and do some plein air painting as well
Waiting for a tsunami, Ohiwa Harbour.
After going inland that night we went back to the coast when it was clear and spent the day at Thornton Beach. More plein air attempted.
Thornton Beach

Towards the end of February I had a small class to do an Abstract Watercolour day. Experienced artists who will use the knowledge they gained to extend into their own style and techniques. A very rewarding time for all of us.

Surprisingly last year was a good year for sales of original works for me. Thank you to those of you who have purchased my art and I would love to see photos of them on your walls. It always makes me feel good to know that someone loves my work enough to want it.

I’m not going to say anything about COVID 19 apart from the fact that it has given the art world the opportunity to exhibit across the globe in a far more frequent and acceptable manner.
On my English cousins recommendation I have entered the Jacksons Painting Prize 2021 in Watercolour. ( thanks Margaret). I’m looking forward to that going live and seeing an international array of watercolourists next month.
Dale Copeland artist, has a virtual gallery at and for this month is showcasing art from the small group Unlimited Palette, of which I am a member. Check out the works on this website. We have had some great responses from artists all over the world.
The Windsor and Newton Summer Competition of the Watercolour NZ society includes a painting of mine.

Thank you all for following my blog. Would love to have some feedback about it.
Ka kite

February Catchup

It’s been a quiet month in my studio in February. Mainly as we have had a road trip away in our van. A chance to take a breather and appreciate our beautiful country.

Plein air opportunities abound.

Patea River Stratford
Patea River. Plein air.
Beginning the Wanganui River Road.
Whanganui River
The Bridge to Nowhere
The Bridge to Nowhere

Although I did have the opportunity to do these sketches I also took lots of photos that may inspire me for future paintings.

Turakina Beach.
Waverley Beach

I’m looking forward to getting back to my studio and using some of my images in abstract ways.

Thank you for following my blog.

Ka kite ano

Pamela Lines.