October and it’s springtime.

Although springtime usually motivates me to paint, I haven’t. I can share some work with you though. While sitting on the beach the other day I did some plein air painting.

Rocks on the Beach

One thing I’ve noticed about plein air painting, it always seems lighter when you come inside!! The sea, sand, tides and waves are my constant inspiration.

On 24th September I had an impromptu open Studio. Always a lot of work setting it up but it was so enjoyable. I had 33 people sign in and wander around my studio and into the extended space in our garage.

Open Studio
Garage space well used.

Rotorua is hosting the Bay of Plenty 2021 Artists Exhibition. This will be open to the public from Monday 8 November to Sunday 12 December 10-4pm @ Lockwood Show Homes, Fairysprings Rd. Rotorua.

Rotorua ready!!

Franklin Arts have rescheduled their exhibition this year. Due to lockdown they are now opening to the public from Friday 26th November until Thursday 2nd December.

A little seascape for Franklin Arts exhibition.

After my open Studio I assessed and catalogued my work ready for my solo exhibition in the Lysaght Watt Gallery in Hawera. Still work away being framed but basically on track for opening night on Monday 8 November. It will run through til 4th December. Lysaght Watt Gallery Union St Hawera.

Still more spaces for the art tour up north. Itinerary and pricing available on request. It will be a non threatening, low key art experience for women of all artistic abilities.
My morning on the beach.

Thank you all for joining my blog. I love your feedback.

Ka kite ano.


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I am a full time watercolour artist.

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  1. Hi Pam
    Your work is just beautiful. Well done on a successful impromptu open studio. I’m looking forward to seeing some of it on display next month in Hawera. Sue

    Liked by 1 person

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