Fabulous February

Welcome to all my blog followers. I hope I am able to keep you interested in what I am doing and the art journey I am taking. If there is anything you would like me to share about my work , please reach out and tell me.

Self portrait 😂

Our art group, Unlimited Palette, has taken the daily challenge of a sketch or painting for the 28 days of February. The self portrait above was done on day 8. Hilarious and looking old and wrinkly but a fun thing to do.

Day 3 was the hibiscus outside my kitchen window.
It was fun to do a still life of my art materials on another day.

Sad to say our art tour up to the Bay of Islands was postponed this month. Re-booked for 3rd April. In the meantime I will practice my drawing skills and continue to support local plein air and sketching groups.

Not much to report this month.

Ka kite ano. See you again.


2 thoughts on “Fabulous February

  1. Hi Pam,

    For some reason my computer won’t let me send you a comment so I’m doing it this way….

    I thought your portrait was pretty wrinkle free so let’s trust you stay that way as you age…unlike me with so many lines of life !!!!

    Sad about your trip however maybe it will be cooler when you do get to go.

    Keep paining and feeding your passion.

    Cheers Lyall



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