Moving into March. 2022

Welcome all my followers. We are enjoying a beautiful long hot summer. The kind I love. Lots of days walking on the beach and swimming in the 22deg.C water. (So I saw today). To immerse yourself in the sea and float on the waves is so good for the soul. I’m not looking forward to cooler evenings and darker mornings for l love the light.

Working hard on new ideas and paintings. 😂

Last month was not productive for paintings. Since my solo show in Hawera in November I have not painted my large abstract watercolours. I feel a little ‘shy’ of them. Preferring to do small sketches and make some lovely cards.

Selling in packs of 3.
Not a good photo but a lovely trio.
Putting a group of 3 or 4 cards together in a frame would be a wonderful way to have original art displayed. Some of these would go together nicely.

My sketches have been inspired by the art group Unlimited Palette and the 28 day challenge for the month of February. A wonderful discipline to reach for the little sketch book every day and create an image.

Love this little sketch of my friend as she sat on the beach watching the waves. Loose watercolour wash over the line of the pen.

Usually I am a quick impressionist artist. Capturing the essence of the subject in a moment. For the purpose of my daily sketch I have spent more time on drawing the image. First in pencil (2B) then in ink, using the pen to create shading and contour. But then I like to throw the watercolour on, not worrying about line or shape, trusting that the drawing will hold it all together.

On our overseas holidays I have taken many photos thinking “ one day I will paint that”. With the challenge, that ‘one day’ has come and I have used photos to extend on my drawing skills and draw.


On the 11th February the Waihi Plein air artists met at the Reservoir in Waihi Beach. It was drizzling so it was decided to go for coffee and catch up.

An enthusiastic little group. I’m looking forward to catching up for our next session at Brighton Park. Waihi Beach. 9.30. Then coffee at the Beach House Cafe. All welcome if you are in the area.

Well that’s it for this month. Love you to give me feedback about my blog. Thank you to those who do . I love it.

Keep safe. 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

Ka kite ano.


3 thoughts on “Moving into March. 2022

  1. I feel inspired this morning after reading your blog. I have a scene in my head fr the farm in Cambridge so today can be the day!! My cold is settling and feeling more settled as well after v busy grandchild time. Thank you P


  2. Hi Pam. Lots of your lovely work to look at this month. I especially liked the work done from your travel photos. Thank you for continuing to share your journey. Sue


  3. Good to see you are still using your gifts and talents and sharing them with others.

    Sending you lots of encouragement and positive energy.

    Cheers Lyall



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