April Adventures. Day 3.

So the day has finally arrived. Sharron and I have been planning this art tour since August last year!

It started off quite funny really when Sharron arrived to pick everyone up in the bus and no one was waiting. Unfortunately she had missed adjusting her watch to daylight savings time and arrived an hour early. Never mind, her and Charmaine went off for a well deserved coffee. Just before 9am everyone arrived on mass and after the photo to record how many of us there were we found our seats on the bus.

Ready to hit the road.

Next stop was morning coffee at a cafe by the Thames roundabout. Unfortunately CLOSED due to staff with Covid. Two other options were also closed but we finally got the coffee’s in Karaka.

After picking up Alison from Auckland, we carried on to Orewa for a lunch stop and walk on the beach. Several of us put pen to paper, or in my case, paint to paper.

A very busy little coastal town with lots of shops and cafes.

Sharron had a pleasant surprise for us with a visit to the Puhoi Organic Distillery. A lovely Ukrainian family who are making alcohol for a very specific market and exporting to many places over the world.

Victoria welcomed us to the distillery.
Alex, talking about the healing properties of the tinctures and tonics they make.
Barrels holding gin, vodka and rum.
Victoria sharing her knowledge about their family run business.

Back on the bus after a very interesting visit to a very interesting place. Especially in these times of war for their friends and family back in the Ukraine.

Sharing a meal on our first night together.

After arriving in Whangarei we all went out for an Italian meal. A great ending to a very busy day.

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