Spring into September

Already I have noticed the days are longer and the temperature is rising. The bulbs are blooming and summer is on the way!!😍

Spring is in the air

In August we traveled to Queensland to see families we hadn’t seen in 3 years. We spent time in a campervan travelling between homes, so time for the odd little sketch.

BarraCrab camping ground at Seaview. A soft sunset and funny little slanting trees.

In Townsville I used my $3 KMart watercolour paints to do this rather bright Castle Hill.

Majestic Castle Hill

But now we are back home again and I’m preparing for my workshops in Wellington. The first 22nd and 23rd of September then 24th and 25th September. Classes for intermediate and advanced students through Watercolour New Zealand. It will be amazing!!

On the last week of the month I’ll be catching up with the other artists displaying at the Garden and Art Festival and learn about what we need to do to be in the festival. For those of you going to the 4day event I will be exhibiting at the HUB. Come find me and check out my work.

An amazing 4 days of gardens and art.

From the 3rd to the 15th of October visit the Art Gallery at the Waihi Museum ( not open every day) for an exhibition by Robyn Betterton, Berys Daly and Pamela Lines. The Exhibition is titled Water. Which means I have lots of work available under that heading!!!

Watercolour demonstration painting.

My last beginners watercolour class for the year will be on Thursday 6th and 13th of October. Contact me if you would like to be part of this class.

Check out my revised and tweaked website. Done by my beautiful, talented daughter, Dale❤️🙏 This month I’m also working on my Felt shop 🙂 pamsart.felt.co.nz If you are looking for gifts for the festive season I have original watercolours, unframed, for ease of postage through my felt shop. My studio is also looking amazing at the moment. If you are handy make an appointment to do a studio visit and come check out my framed works.

Until next time keep healthy and safe.

Ka kite…. Pamela

Art in August

Kia Ora followers. Thanks for all the feedback. Im loving that. It’s quite a surreal experience writing about my art journey to people I don’t know. So thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Tauranga Marina

The Tauranga Urban Sketchers met at the Bridge marina to draw, paint and have coffee. It was almost too busy visually to do the scene justice. I did a quick sketch and finished it off with some scratchy colour in my studio.

Tauranga Marina.

This is the actual view. My next quick little sketch was the rocks and the beautiful clear water in front of me.

Rocks at the Marina.

I’m pretty sure I’ve previously told you about my love of contour drawing, especially blind contour. If I haven’t, or you have forgotten, it’s when you put the pen on the paper and take it off when your drawing is finished. Your drawing is therefore done in a continuous line. To do it blind means you don’t look at your page. Just the object in front of you. Consequently if you are doing a portrait, the eyes or nose can end up anywhere. All in a continuous line!!! This style of drawing reminds me so much of children’s art. It has an energy and a certain truth to it that I find exhilarating.

Boat at the Marina with cranes in the distance.
Boat at the Marina with cranes in the distance.

What do you think? You can tell my drawing is of a boat, can’t you?

Last week I went to the opening of the Garden and Art festival.

I’m going to be part of it!!!

It will be on for 4 full days . A massive festival with over 70 gardens this year, and lots of the gardens will have artists in them. I have been selected to be at the Hub of Bloom in the Bay. At the Tauranga Racecourse where there will be garden displays, live music, workshops and lots of art. It will be exciting to be part of the action. If you are going to the festival Hub please come and see me.

Weekend workshop in Wellington for Watercolour NZ

Thanks to Watercolour NZ for inviting me to take a workshop in Wellington. I’m really looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. These participants will be confident in using the medium and I’m looking forward to seeing what they produce.

I think of workshops I’ve been to and it’s the people I remember, more than anything. I remember reading once ( not a scientific survey) that 80% of what you learn at a workshop is learnt at morning tea and lunchtime. That’s when you talk to like minded people who are following the same journey you are.

So what makes a good workshop??? Lots of morning tea and lunch???

What’s the best workshop you ever went to? What made it special? On that note, do you have a worst workshop you ever went to?

Give me feedback so I can make up a do’s and don’ts list for presenting my workshop. If I get a list I’ll publish it in next months blog.

Well, that’s it for another month. I’ll be blogging again in September. We are off to sunny Queensland for a few weeks to get out of a NZ winter.

Ka kite. Pamela

Into July

I joined Tauranga Urban Sketchers for their morning sketching. It was a beautiful old villa on Cambridge road. Originally moved there from Dannevirk. Restored and added onto but I found a corner to sit and draw. About an hour into it the rain came down.

Villa. Tauranga Urban Sketchers

The biggest event of the month was getting COVID. Still don’t know where I got it from. Still I was lucky . It didn’t hit me too hard, and it gave me days in my studio that I enjoyed. Unfortunately it meant the PopUp exhibition we were having in the village was canceled. The plan is to try again in October when the weather is warmer.

We went walking through the gorge with my daughter and her partner when they visited from Australia. I gave them COVID.

I completed an online course with Alice Sheridan called Refresh and Reset. Alice does a podcast called Art Juice that I listen to as well. Exercises to help get you over the blocks that you have in your art and how to look forward to progressing into the next big thing…. Or small thing. The biggest advantage of the course was the hundreds of other artists who shared their work and IG accounts to follow. The down side has been the crazy men who want to be my ‘friend’ with names like Brad Pit and Keanau Reeves. Never mind there is always a delete button.

I want to extend my watercolour paintings by using line within them. This one of rocks was fun and I liked the outcome.
An abstract impression of the McKenzie Country landscape. I used some wax resist on the mountains to give the impression of snow.
Really pushed it with colour on this one of the McKenzie Country landscape too. What do you think? Too much?

The Waihi Plein air group met at the Waikino Rail station. It was raining and cold but I found the back of the car quite acceptable.

Out of the rain.
Waikino station.
Then inside for our coffee by the fire. Not a good photo. I’m no selfie photographer at all.

Thanks for following my blog and my art journey.

Don’t forget to check out my instagram where I put all my artwork @pamelalinesart and also my shop at pamlinesart.felt.co.nz. Or send me a message if there is anything you want to know.

Ka kite…….Pamela

Just June

Half way through the year already. How did that happen?

This last month was a month of teaching more than painting. I love it cos I learn so much, but I’m an artist. Shouldn’t I be painting? Maybe the old adage of everything has a season is true for artists as well. You need to rest up and take account of what you are doing and where your next direction is and not to feel guilty if there are days, weeks or even months where you don’t paint. In saying that you may have read my January blog where I mentioned my main focus this year was to be outside doing more plein air. I certainly am doing that, even if I am not painting. These sketches were done while I sat on the beach at the beginning of May.

Quick contour drawing of seagulls as they moved about the beach.

This little one was sitting in her pink tutu on the beach digging a hole while her grandparents ( I think) chatted beside her. It was a minute sketch with my brush before she stood to get some water in her bucket.

Tauranga Urban sketchers met at another historical building in Tauranga in May. Whew! Those buildings are a challenge for me. Even when the building is in front of me I can’t get perspective right. That’s where photos can give me a defined angle to work to. I’ll swear I can see an angle going down, then I’ll look at a photo and clearly see that it goes up. I will keep practicing.

Taiparoro House Tauranga.
The real Taiparoro House Tauranga.
The Rotorua workshop was such fun. Two days of hard work by everyone and some amazing paintings emerged.
Many fine works up on the board from a very busy workshop in Rotorua.
Heather was out sketching the sculptures in the Government Gardens. Don’t you love her felt hat?
The marina in Nelson where we looked out from our hotel room when we had a weekend away down there. I loved doing this sketch but it started to rain and my green pen was not water proof ! See the spots?

A lovely weekend away apart from the rain.

We have just come back from spending Queens Birthday weekend in Taranaki at my cousins place in Stratford. Mount Taranaki was spectacular. My cousin Helen and I spent time out and about sketching local views.
The clock tower in the main street, not the leaning one in Pisa. The crooked line gives it character don’t you think? Maybe I should have used a ruler…
The real clock tower in Stratford.
An old church that is now used as living space for some lucky family in Stratford.
The real church lived in by a lucky Stratford family.
Ruins of a Dairy Factory on Stratford farmland.
Cousin Helen painting while sitting in the boot of her car. Usually a good place to paint, away from public scrutiny. This got very cold, very quickly.
The four members of our art support group Unlimited Palette. From left Pam, Sally, Robyn and Berys. Now we are three as Sally moves North to be closer to family. We will miss her support and knowledge. We wish her well.

Upcoming events for June include:

My special little birthday treat. Thanks Sharron. We were at the Suter gallery in Nelson when we ‘bumped’ into Sharron from the Art Tour. She was visiting from Auckland.

Upcoming events for June:

The second workshop with the Waihi U3A group on working with watercolour.

Probus Studio visit. Another opportunity to share my passion.

A five day rest and relax workshop run by Alice Sheridan. I currently listen to her and Louise Fletcher’s podcast, Art Juice, so I’m looking forward to gaining more of an insight into her art journey and how I can help work with mine. Rest and relax…how hard can it be?

Ka kite ano all you lovely followers. Share my blog with others who may be interested and follow me on Instagram @ pamelalinesart.

Talk to you next month.


My Month: May

May is the month of my birth so I am taking ownership of it in this blog. Before I start on May I must finish telling you about my April Adventures. After almost 3 years we got to have real hugs with our daughter and grandchildren ❤️❤️❤️ They came from Queensland Australia for a week over Easter. They love being with their older cousins and of course the first port of call was my studio.

I now have painted rocks from my grandchildren!
The Easter bunny put eggs beside the painted rocks.

I have joined the Tauranga Urban Sketchers. They meet once a month and paint in and around Tauranga. I am enjoying meeting and painting/drawing with a new group of artists. At the end of April we met at an historic homestead in central Tauranga.

A beautiful day sitting in a lovely garden.
My view of the homestead.
My interpretation of the homestead.

In the beginning of May Sharron, from Exclusive tours, brought a group of 7 women on a visit to my studio. They said they enjoyed the opportunity to learn about watercolour from the demonstration that I did and several went away with cards they had purchased. Beautiful day and lovely ladies.

Day 1 of my Beginners watercolour class was held yesterday. They worked hard but we had some laughs as well. I look forward to next weeks class with them.

Painting the colour wheel.

What’s coming up for the rest of May?

A long weekend in beautiful Nelson. ( I’ll take my sketch book).

A luncheon for our art group Unlimited Palette as we farewell one of our members who is moving up north. 🥲

A workshop on 21/ 22nd in Rotorua for the Geyserland Art Group.

A watercolour workshop for Waihi U3A on 30th May.

Whew. I might need another holiday in June.

Thank you all for reading my blog and for those of you who gave me feedback during my daily April Adventures. I was thrilled that so many of you said that you looked forward to them each day. It made it worth it.

Till next month. Ka kite.


April Adventures. Day 9.

I think the adventure is finishing!!! This is our last day of the Women in Art Tour.

It started with a walk around the Viaduct Basin and Britamart.

We visited the Eden garden where I managed to quietly sit and sketch and paint. I loved the light on the bench seat in the garden.

The Eden Gardens.
Artists sketching in the Eden Garden.

A trip out to Titirangi, lunch and a visit to Lopdell house and Te Uru gallery.

Te Uru Gallery

We went down the road to Colin McCahons’s house that he lived in in the 1950’s.

Down the garden path to their tiny cottage where Colin and his wife Anne, lived with their 4 children.
A view of his ‘studio’ which was in the shed above the space where his sons slept.

A busy day and then on the road back to Waihi Beach. It’s all over!!! Till next time.


April Adventures. Day 8.

Sadly we have left Paihia and the Bay of Islands. We headed for Auckland. A stay in Auckland is never complete without a visit to the Art Gallery.

Exhibitions included women of the Pacific and Romancing the Collection.

Albert park gave opportunities for sitting in the sun and sketching. These ladies really are on a roll now.

Sketching in the park.

There was other art forms in the park too.

Notice the hat?

At the Black Door Gallery in Parnell we met with Sharron’s friend, artist Terry Prince. He talked about his work that is showcased in the gallery.

Another artist exhibiting in the gallery was Ben Young, who has connections with our home area of Waihi Beach. His sculptures are hand crafted from clear sheet float glass, concrete and steel. Stunning.

The photo does not show its true beauty.
Beautiful depth of colour.

Several other galleries were visited before we headed for our accommodation. This evening we ate at the Vietnamese restaurant Saigonz

Ka kite


April Adventures. Day 7.

In the bus bright and early on the way to Kerikeri. Had to stop at this place!!

Living Nature natural cosmetics.
We all came out looking as gorgeous as these lovely ladies.

Back in the bus and travel down the road to the Stone Store and Kemp house. Kemp house was built in 1822. Two hundred years ago. So we sat on the verandah to sketch and paint.

Drawing on the verandah of Kemp House

Unfortunately it was deemed highly inappropriate for us to paint on a 200 year old verandah, so we were moved on…

The stone store Kerikeri
My interpretation of the stone store Kerikeri.

It was a lovely afternoon so several artist sat on the bank that looked down onto the orchard and the back of Kemp house.

Artists at work.
The orchard. Kemp house.
Blind contour drawing of Kemp house. With a wash.

Blind contour drawing is one of my favourite techniques. The drawing is done with one line while watching the object, not the paper. How about these sketches of my friends?

Part of the itinerary today was to have show and tell. For everyone to put their work up so we could look at them all. Unbeknown to the artists, Sharron and I had arranged to hang the paintings on the wall of the dining room.

The staff at the hotel helped hang the work.
They enjoyed displaying our paintings in the dining room and thought they were very good.
They were very surprised when they saw their work on the wall as we went in to dinner.
A great display

We have left the paintings up until we go to breakfast in the morning.

Such a lovely end to painting in Paihia, Russell and Kerikeri.

Ka kite apopo


April Adventures. Day6.

I was so surprised this morning when I woke to see that the sun was up and the predicted rain and thunder storms were not present. So it was with great delight that after breakfast we made our way to the Ferry at the Paihia wharf. Sharron calls us kittens as she tries to herd us in the right direction. So I think she was surprised we had time to spare when we got there. Wendy and Alison south (As we have 2 Alison’s they are north and south, Waihi beach and Dunedin) they found a comfortable seat and began sketching as we waited.

The view of the wharf and boats was very inspiring.

It was a beautiful morning in Russell and we had a little tour of the town then settled down to draw and paint.

This little cottage sits right on the road, opposite the beach. Architecture is always a challenge for me so I took the challenge here.

Russell cottage.
My interpretation of the Russell cottage.

We had lunch at the iconic Duke of Marlborough hotel. We sat in it but didn’t paint it.

Feeling happy after a gorgeous lunch.
Duke of Marlborough hotel.

Some more painting and sketching after lunch.

Quick little watercolour of the headlands.

Then back on the Ferry for the ride back to Paihia. While we rocked in the boat I photographed some of the images produced today.

Claire drew a similar sketch of the cottage I had painted.
Karen’s drawing was of the trunks of the old pohutukawa that line the waterfront.
Another interpretation of the little cottage, by Wendy.
This is Alison’s blind contour drawing of the Bay. She added some colour after. Contour drawing really is “taking a line for a walk “.

A wonderful day.

Ka kite apopo


April Adventures. Day 5.

We have superb accomodation in Paihia. The hotel is across the road from the sea.

Vistas out to the Bay of Islands .

This morning I did a demonstration for the group and then they went away and painted on their individual balconies as the rain came down.

I divided the paper in half with blue tape.
Alison painted strong darks with lots of energy and movement.
Claire captured the image of the distant land mass with lots of atmosphere.
Karen was just starting to put paint to paper.
Wendy used a gorgeous little sketch book to capture the image of the trees along the foreshore.

A very successful painting time. Everyone happy to immerse themselves into doing a watercolour of their view from the hotel. They were amazing.

My view from the balcony as I sign off. A dozen or more p class yachts on the water.

Ka kite e apopo.