April Adventures. Day 7.

In the bus bright and early on the way to Kerikeri. Had to stop at this place!!

Living Nature natural cosmetics.
We all came out looking as gorgeous as these lovely ladies.

Back in the bus and travel down the road to the Stone Store and Kemp house. Kemp house was built in 1822. Two hundred years ago. So we sat on the verandah to sketch and paint.

Drawing on the verandah of Kemp House

Unfortunately it was deemed highly inappropriate for us to paint on a 200 year old verandah, so we were moved on…

The stone store Kerikeri
My interpretation of the stone store Kerikeri.

It was a lovely afternoon so several artist sat on the bank that looked down onto the orchard and the back of Kemp house.

Artists at work.
The orchard. Kemp house.
Blind contour drawing of Kemp house. With a wash.

Blind contour drawing is one of my favourite techniques. The drawing is done with one line while watching the object, not the paper. How about these sketches of my friends?

Part of the itinerary today was to have show and tell. For everyone to put their work up so we could look at them all. Unbeknown to the artists, Sharron and I had arranged to hang the paintings on the wall of the dining room.

The staff at the hotel helped hang the work.
They enjoyed displaying our paintings in the dining room and thought they were very good.
They were very surprised when they saw their work on the wall as we went in to dinner.
A great display

We have left the paintings up until we go to breakfast in the morning.

Such a lovely end to painting in Paihia, Russell and Kerikeri.

Ka kite apopo