April Adventures. Day 9.

I think the adventure is finishing!!! This is our last day of the Women in Art Tour.

It started with a walk around the Viaduct Basin and Britamart.

We visited the Eden garden where I managed to quietly sit and sketch and paint. I loved the light on the bench seat in the garden.

The Eden Gardens.
Artists sketching in the Eden Garden.

A trip out to Titirangi, lunch and a visit to Lopdell house and Te Uru gallery.

Te Uru Gallery

We went down the road to Colin McCahons’s house that he lived in in the 1950’s.

Down the garden path to their tiny cottage where Colin and his wife Anne, lived with their 4 children.
A view of his ‘studio’ which was in the shed above the space where his sons slept.

A busy day and then on the road back to Waihi Beach. It’s all over!!! Till next time.


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