Obviously October

I know:) It’s the 9th day of the month and I haven’t done my blog to you. So while the cricket is on the TV I will let you know what has been happening.

Wellington workshop

The two workshops held over four days were very rewarding. All of the 20 or more participants were enthusiastic, open to new ideas and suggestions and did some amazing art work. Participants discovered a technique they could use to incorporate into their own style of painting. I learnt heaps too!!!

Lots of expressive work emerged at the Wellington workshops
Exhibition at the Museum Gallery in Waihi

On every day 12 to 3pm until Sunday 16th October. Three local artists. Berys Daly, Pamela Lines and Robyn Betterton. WATER 💦 Check it out its free. The building is historical as well.

Waihi Museum and Gallery

Haven’t been doing a lot of painting. Seems to be more teaching than painting at the moment. I did do this little painting though.

Waihi Beach (again)
Lots of beautiful cards for sale.
So many gorgeous little pieces of original art.

I love making these cards. I find little gems of art in my discarded paintings and cut them out to make these. Sometimes I add a hill or some trees or rocks. Each card is signed and would be stunning in a frame for a special person at Christmas time. ( or any time really).

My favourite little painting on a card.
Art from my beginners watercolour class.

Fun little watercolours from my last class of the year. The three participants had a full day of painting but had lots of laughs as well.

I’m so looking forward to the Garden and Arts festival. November 16th til the 19th. I know the Carlton Gallery in Katikati are selling tickets to this amazing biennial event in the Bay of Plenty. I will be at the HUB at the racecourse where there will be lots of art, gardens, demonstrations, live music and celebrities. Come find me and my new banner.

Best banner ever.
Another example of my little art on cards.

We are flying to Wellington for the opening of the SPLASH exhibition on 4th November. The highlight of my watercolour year!!!! A whole exhibition of watercolour paintings. Very seldom is there a national exhibition of purely watercolours. Bliss!!!!

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog. I love to do it, especially when I get feedback.

Ka kite ano. Pamela.