February Follow Up

Hi there, ciao, Kia Ora. In December I told myself and you, that social media was going off my radar till February!!! Do you know how difficult that is? I probably lasted a week before I had to check who was posting on IG, another week before I had to check hits on my website and then January when I positively had to post on Facebook, advertising for our pop-up last weekend. I must admit I have not done a newsletter or posted on Instagram during that time. But I’m positively “itching” to tell you my news!!!

Towards the end of the year I looked around the world for an artist residency. My favourite one was in Scotland. I applied with all the information they needed and recently got confirmation back that I have been accepted for a two week residency in Cromarty, in the highlands of Scotland 😁

Cromarty in the highlands of Scotland where I will paint for 2 weeks in August! SOOO excited 😊

Back to earth! I did a painting for Watercolour NZ summer challenge.

I gave it the title ‘ Summer, what Summer?’

Our little pop-up at the church was very quiet, due to the rain and few people venturing out. A total of 36 people came and I had no sales! It was a good day though as we had a good catch up and decided we couldn’t do much else on a day like that anyway.

I used this painting to advertise the pop-up and sold it before the day.

I’m currently painting in preparation for exhibiting at the Franklin Arts Exhibition in March, which is my next big event.

This painting and the next were an exercise in painting a wash for the sky and water. I used a full sheet of watercolour paper and let the landscape evolve.
I like the way the light is captured.
My favourite way to capture the sea.
The movement of watercolour.

This is the year where I will concentrate more on painting and less on teaching. In saying that I have already taken a full day watercolour class for some holiday makers. A mum and her 2 teenage daughters spent the day playing with this fabulous medium and went back to Sydney all enthusiastic to do more.

Abstract Landscape 984
Landscape 982

Enjoy your February, wherever you may be and don’t forget to send me feedback.

Ka kite ano. PAMELA

4 thoughts on “February Follow Up

  1. Cromarty looks like a wonderful place to explore and paint in. All those fabulous stone houses. Well done on the application success
    Enjoyed the latest work you have shared Pam especially the blues in the skies over the beach.

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  2. That’s fabulous news Pam! Congratulations! You must be so excited! It will be an amazing place for your artistic brain to get around! Love all you paintings below! Must do more practice!

    I had a little workshop with my grandchildren and have attached the results above! 2 abstract compositions by Phoebe, 7 years.


    Marg Campbell

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