March Madness

Actually I hope it’s not going to be a mad March. We have already had earthquakes, floods and cyclones this year, and that’s just in little ole Waihi Beach. We have had beautiful days in March so far. Long may it continue.

As I write this we have just come back from visiting friends at Snells Beach, which is north of Auckland. Sally is a print maker and was a member of the local art group Unlimited Palette before they moved. We set ourselves a bit of a challenge. Everywhere we visited we had 10 minutes to do a sketch. Whew! What a great record of our days. Here’s a view of mine.

Scott’s Landing
Goat Island. Looking down on the bay. The black dots are a school party swimming and snorkelling😂.
Goat Island. Sally sitting sketching on the rocks at Goat Island.
Mathieson Bay
Omaha Beach
Seagulls. They kept moving!
Sand spit. Where we caught the ferry over to Kawau Island
The pier at Mansion Bay Kawau Island
The water taxi came in to the pier.
From Mansion House Bay towards the mainland.
Mansion house. The original part built in 1844. It only looks as though it’s going to fall over. That’s just my perspective.

Remembering that all of these sketches were done in 10 minutes. (Mansion house went over time though.) Thanks Sally and Ian. We had a great time.

Miranda holiday park on the way home.

When I think about it I’ve done more plein art sketching than studio painting this last month. Our Waihi plein air group sketched at the little settlement of Waikino. The floods came a couple of days later. Luckily this little cottage is still standing!

Waikino cottage.

Also Tauranga Urban Sketchers met at ‘The Shire of Florence’ in Te Puna and sketched the little hobbit houses. Such fun!

Hobbit houses.
Tauranga Urban Sketchers

It’s great looking back and seeing what I have done for the month. Plenty of time for studio work once the winter months come.

The big event for the month of March is Franklin Arts annual exhibition. This year the exhibition is on from the 18th- 26th March in the Town Hall in Pukekohe. A wonderful exhibition which I have registered 4 works for this year. I hope they are well received.

Light across the Landscape

I’m thinking of having an Open Studio at Easter. Don’t know what day at this stage but if you are around and want to have a look through my studio, please get in touch.

I’ll finish with an image of Mansion house Kawau Island and Sally and I on the beach, laughing about something???

Mansion house.
Laughing about something?

Til next month. Ka kite ano. Pamela.

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  1. Love those sketches Pam, really well-done in 10 minutes, I would put them up on Mahurangi Facebook Page too


  2. Just amazing water colour sketches Pam especially since they were only done in a few minutes! Have enjoyed looking t them and hoping it will inspire me to try myself!!

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