April Adventures. Day 7.

In the bus bright and early on the way to Kerikeri. Had to stop at this place!!

Living Nature natural cosmetics.
We all came out looking as gorgeous as these lovely ladies.

Back in the bus and travel down the road to the Stone Store and Kemp house. Kemp house was built in 1822. Two hundred years ago. So we sat on the verandah to sketch and paint.

Drawing on the verandah of Kemp House

Unfortunately it was deemed highly inappropriate for us to paint on a 200 year old verandah, so we were moved on…

The stone store Kerikeri
My interpretation of the stone store Kerikeri.

It was a lovely afternoon so several artist sat on the bank that looked down onto the orchard and the back of Kemp house.

Artists at work.
The orchard. Kemp house.
Blind contour drawing of Kemp house. With a wash.

Blind contour drawing is one of my favourite techniques. The drawing is done with one line while watching the object, not the paper. How about these sketches of my friends?

Part of the itinerary today was to have show and tell. For everyone to put their work up so we could look at them all. Unbeknown to the artists, Sharron and I had arranged to hang the paintings on the wall of the dining room.

The staff at the hotel helped hang the work.
They enjoyed displaying our paintings in the dining room and thought they were very good.
They were very surprised when they saw their work on the wall as we went in to dinner.
A great display

We have left the paintings up until we go to breakfast in the morning.

Such a lovely end to painting in Paihia, Russell and Kerikeri.

Ka kite apopo


April Adventures. Day6.

I was so surprised this morning when I woke to see that the sun was up and the predicted rain and thunder storms were not present. So it was with great delight that after breakfast we made our way to the Ferry at the Paihia wharf. Sharron calls us kittens as she tries to herd us in the right direction. So I think she was surprised we had time to spare when we got there. Wendy and Alison south (As we have 2 Alison’s they are north and south, Waihi beach and Dunedin) they found a comfortable seat and began sketching as we waited.

The view of the wharf and boats was very inspiring.

It was a beautiful morning in Russell and we had a little tour of the town then settled down to draw and paint.

This little cottage sits right on the road, opposite the beach. Architecture is always a challenge for me so I took the challenge here.

Russell cottage.
My interpretation of the Russell cottage.

We had lunch at the iconic Duke of Marlborough hotel. We sat in it but didn’t paint it.

Feeling happy after a gorgeous lunch.
Duke of Marlborough hotel.

Some more painting and sketching after lunch.

Quick little watercolour of the headlands.

Then back on the Ferry for the ride back to Paihia. While we rocked in the boat I photographed some of the images produced today.

Claire drew a similar sketch of the cottage I had painted.
Karen’s drawing was of the trunks of the old pohutukawa that line the waterfront.
Another interpretation of the little cottage, by Wendy.
This is Alison’s blind contour drawing of the Bay. She added some colour after. Contour drawing really is “taking a line for a walk “.

A wonderful day.

Ka kite apopo


April Adventures. Day 5.

We have superb accomodation in Paihia. The hotel is across the road from the sea.

Vistas out to the Bay of Islands .

This morning I did a demonstration for the group and then they went away and painted on their individual balconies as the rain came down.

I divided the paper in half with blue tape.
Alison painted strong darks with lots of energy and movement.
Claire captured the image of the distant land mass with lots of atmosphere.
Karen was just starting to put paint to paper.
Wendy used a gorgeous little sketch book to capture the image of the trees along the foreshore.

A very successful painting time. Everyone happy to immerse themselves into doing a watercolour of their view from the hotel. They were amazing.

My view from the balcony as I sign off. A dozen or more p class yachts on the water.

Ka kite e apopo.


April Adventures. Day 4.

Just a quiet start to the day today. It didn’t stay that way though. At 9am we were out on the street with our bags and painting gear ready for Sharron to take us all to breakfast. Sharron was full of apologies that she couldn’t take us to the original restaurant for breakfast as again they had been affected by staff off with COVID. I felt a little disappointed until we drove to the waterfront at Whangarei and the imposing structure of the newly opened Hundertwasser Gallery was before us! We walked towards the building and the magnificent dome of the gold cupola in the distance.

The restaurant for breakfast was on the first floor of this magnificent building. WOW! It is amazing. The fountain in the entrance courtyard is to remind us that Hundertwasser loved the rain. Misty cloudy days especially as it made all the other colours brighter.

Before having breakfast I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and view the typical Hundertwasser toilets. Straight lines were boring, he believed. Even the floors are undulating .

Pam Toothill was our guide. What a wealth of knowledge she has about the life of Hundertwasser. Not just out of books but as a personal friend who she often visited with her husband.

A great group of Hundertwasser fans. 😂
Plein air painting of the Hundertwasser gallery and museum.

We headed north again after lunch and visited the Kawakawa public toilets which Hundertwasser had designed and built in the 1970’s. These are an iconic landmark and I know that the gallery and museum in Whangarei will soon be known around the world as well.

Kawakawa toilets. Not only was he known for his architecture but also his conservation ideals . One of these is the advantage of planting trees on roofs.

We left Hundertwasser and headed for Paihia in the beautiful Bay of Islands, where we spend the next 3 days.

It’s already day 5. So I will publish this and prepare for todays post.

Ka kite ano.


April Adventures. Day 3.

So the day has finally arrived. Sharron and I have been planning this art tour since August last year!

It started off quite funny really when Sharron arrived to pick everyone up in the bus and no one was waiting. Unfortunately she had missed adjusting her watch to daylight savings time and arrived an hour early. Never mind, her and Charmaine went off for a well deserved coffee. Just before 9am everyone arrived on mass and after the photo to record how many of us there were we found our seats on the bus.

Ready to hit the road.

Next stop was morning coffee at a cafe by the Thames roundabout. Unfortunately CLOSED due to staff with Covid. Two other options were also closed but we finally got the coffee’s in Karaka.

After picking up Alison from Auckland, we carried on to Orewa for a lunch stop and walk on the beach. Several of us put pen to paper, or in my case, paint to paper.

A very busy little coastal town with lots of shops and cafes.

Sharron had a pleasant surprise for us with a visit to the Puhoi Organic Distillery. A lovely Ukrainian family who are making alcohol for a very specific market and exporting to many places over the world.

Victoria welcomed us to the distillery.
Alex, talking about the healing properties of the tinctures and tonics they make.
Barrels holding gin, vodka and rum.
Victoria sharing her knowledge about their family run business.

Back on the bus after a very interesting visit to a very interesting place. Especially in these times of war for their friends and family back in the Ukraine.

Sharing a meal on our first night together.

After arriving in Whangarei we all went out for an Italian meal. A great ending to a very busy day.

April Adventures

So, April is going to be a busy month. It started yesterday with a beautiful group of ladies from the Garden Bloomers club who came to visit my art studio. The eleven women were very interested in hearing about watercolour painting.

Paintings set up in the garage and studio.
Demonstration of watercolour

This is the 10 stroke demonstration painting that I did. I think it came out very well and everyone enjoyed the quick gestural strokes that made the little watercolour.

It’s only the 2nd day of April so I haven’t much else to tell you, but tomorrow a group of 10 women will board a bus to take us north for a week of painting, sketching and visiting awesome places. So I’m going to do a blog for you as we travel and sketch. Keep watching this space.

Ka kite ano


Moving into March. 2022

Welcome all my followers. We are enjoying a beautiful long hot summer. The kind I love. Lots of days walking on the beach and swimming in the 22deg.C water. (So I saw today). To immerse yourself in the sea and float on the waves is so good for the soul. I’m not looking forward to cooler evenings and darker mornings for l love the light.

Working hard on new ideas and paintings. 😂

Last month was not productive for paintings. Since my solo show in Hawera in November I have not painted my large abstract watercolours. I feel a little ‘shy’ of them. Preferring to do small sketches and make some lovely cards.

Selling in packs of 3.
Not a good photo but a lovely trio.
Putting a group of 3 or 4 cards together in a frame would be a wonderful way to have original art displayed. Some of these would go together nicely.

My sketches have been inspired by the art group Unlimited Palette and the 28 day challenge for the month of February. A wonderful discipline to reach for the little sketch book every day and create an image.

Love this little sketch of my friend as she sat on the beach watching the waves. Loose watercolour wash over the line of the pen.

Usually I am a quick impressionist artist. Capturing the essence of the subject in a moment. For the purpose of my daily sketch I have spent more time on drawing the image. First in pencil (2B) then in ink, using the pen to create shading and contour. But then I like to throw the watercolour on, not worrying about line or shape, trusting that the drawing will hold it all together.

On our overseas holidays I have taken many photos thinking “ one day I will paint that”. With the challenge, that ‘one day’ has come and I have used photos to extend on my drawing skills and draw.


On the 11th February the Waihi Plein air artists met at the Reservoir in Waihi Beach. It was drizzling so it was decided to go for coffee and catch up.

An enthusiastic little group. I’m looking forward to catching up for our next session at Brighton Park. Waihi Beach. 9.30. Then coffee at the Beach House Cafe. All welcome if you are in the area.

Well that’s it for this month. Love you to give me feedback about my blog. Thank you to those who do . I love it.

Keep safe. 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

Ka kite ano.


Fabulous February

Welcome to all my blog followers. I hope I am able to keep you interested in what I am doing and the art journey I am taking. If there is anything you would like me to share about my work , please reach out and tell me.

Self portrait 😂

Our art group, Unlimited Palette, has taken the daily challenge of a sketch or painting for the 28 days of February. The self portrait above was done on day 8. Hilarious and looking old and wrinkly but a fun thing to do.

Day 3 was the hibiscus outside my kitchen window.
It was fun to do a still life of my art materials on another day.

Sad to say our art tour up to the Bay of Islands was postponed this month. Re-booked for 3rd April. In the meantime I will practice my drawing skills and continue to support local plein air and sketching groups.

Not much to report this month.

Ka kite ano. See you again.


January and another year.

I love January and the promise of new beginnings. Not only is the weather hot and we swim and have lazy days but we make plans for the year and I create ideas and opportunities for my art journey.

Whangamata beach, Coromandel
Plein air at Whangamata
Plein air in Tauranga.

My main goal for this year is to spend more time doing plein air painting. Going outside and painting as much as possible. I have started by joining the Tauranga Sketchers group that meet once a month. This month we sat by the Hairy McLeary statue park at the Strand. There were cafes, boats, hills, water and a rail bridge, and everything in between.

With COVID-19 shutting most things down for awhile it will be a pleasure to get the Waihi Plein Air group up and running again. We will start the year on Friday the 11/2/22 at 9.30, meeting at the Waihi Beach reservoir car park and paint in the area.

The local community have a fair at the beginning of January and this year I held an Open Studio (garage) on the day so I could capture an audience as it passed by. It turned out to be a very quiet day as people walked past my sign on the way to the fair. Those that did come in to see me were great to talk to. I’m going to try again on the Saturday of Auckland Anniversary weekend and hopefully meet more people who want to view and talk about my art.

Open studio in January

Our little artist group, Unlimited Palette, have the use of the Waihi Accountants window. We love to display our works in there and we are getting good feedback from locals who enjoy seeing the art and know when we have changed it around and put new works in. The photo below is a side on view so looks a bit messy but people do stop to look and see the art.

Art in the Accountants window.

I’m getting excited about the Women in Art art tour up to the Bay Of Islands in February. I’ll be able to post lots of paintings and sketches of our time away when we get back. All fingers and toes are crossed in the hope that it goes ahead and no pandemic gets in the way of creativity.

Tools of the trade.

Just a fun thing to finish up with. My brushes here are so special to me and each one of them has a story. My most favourite brush is this one shown. It’s a Robert Simmons no.14 round and was given to me by a very dear friend, Dot McComb. Dot is the most amazing watercolourist who took me under her wing when I first started painting watercolour and shared her vast knowledge and understanding of this most wonderful medium. Of course I think of Dot every time I pick up this brush and use it in my work.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my monthly blog. Check out my postings on pamelalinesart on Instagram and pamsart.felt.co.nz which has my shop for sales.

Ka kite ano. See you again. Pamela.

December delight

Another trip to Hawera where we dismantled my watercolour exhibition. Beautiful gallery, beautiful people and I’m so pleased that I did it.

Part of the weekend was also spent painting outdoors with the Watercolour NZ artists at the paintaway weekend in Oakura, Taranaki. It rained most of the time but most people were able to find a dry spot to paint.

Cape Egmont Lighthouse, Taranaki
Reference photo of Cape Egmont Lighthouse
Sugar Loaves at New Plymouth from Oakura Beach.

On the last day we painted as a group in the Okato hall. The most amazing watercolour artists and all so open and giving of their knowledge. We displayed our work as a little pop up for locals to visit.

Artists working and displaying their art.

One of my philosophies about art is that when I sell some artwork of mine I like to support other artists and buy their art work. With sales happening in Hawera I have recently acquired some glass artwork by Waverley artist Lisa Walsh. Every time we go through South Taranaki we stop at her studio and see what she has. This time I bought some. Check out her website.

The other art work I have recently acquired is called Coastal Honey by Ron Hall. Ron uses old beehives for his works and they have amazing texture and colour . They have history and tell a story of their past. Ron has a website and is on Instagram.

In the new year we will start up the Waihi plein air painters again. Have an Open Studio Ramble at anniversary weekend, and I’m looking forward to taking a group of enthusiastic watercolour artists to the Bay of Islands.

From Corbett Rd Oakura.

Thank you all for following my blog. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I will reach out to you again in 2022.