Just June

Half way through the year already. How did that happen?

This last month was a month of teaching more than painting. I love it cos I learn so much, but I’m an artist. Shouldn’t I be painting? Maybe the old adage of everything has a season is true for artists as well. You need to rest up and take account of what you are doing and where your next direction is and not to feel guilty if there are days, weeks or even months where you don’t paint. In saying that you may have read my January blog where I mentioned my main focus this year was to be outside doing more plein air. I certainly am doing that, even if I am not painting. These sketches were done while I sat on the beach at the beginning of May.

Quick contour drawing of seagulls as they moved about the beach.

This little one was sitting in her pink tutu on the beach digging a hole while her grandparents ( I think) chatted beside her. It was a minute sketch with my brush before she stood to get some water in her bucket.

Tauranga Urban sketchers met at another historical building in Tauranga in May. Whew! Those buildings are a challenge for me. Even when the building is in front of me I can’t get perspective right. That’s where photos can give me a defined angle to work to. I’ll swear I can see an angle going down, then I’ll look at a photo and clearly see that it goes up. I will keep practicing.

Taiparoro House Tauranga.
The real Taiparoro House Tauranga.
The Rotorua workshop was such fun. Two days of hard work by everyone and some amazing paintings emerged.
Many fine works up on the board from a very busy workshop in Rotorua.
Heather was out sketching the sculptures in the Government Gardens. Don’t you love her felt hat?
The marina in Nelson where we looked out from our hotel room when we had a weekend away down there. I loved doing this sketch but it started to rain and my green pen was not water proof ! See the spots?

A lovely weekend away apart from the rain.

We have just come back from spending Queens Birthday weekend in Taranaki at my cousins place in Stratford. Mount Taranaki was spectacular. My cousin Helen and I spent time out and about sketching local views.
The clock tower in the main street, not the leaning one in Pisa. The crooked line gives it character don’t you think? Maybe I should have used a ruler…
The real clock tower in Stratford.
An old church that is now used as living space for some lucky family in Stratford.
The real church lived in by a lucky Stratford family.
Ruins of a Dairy Factory on Stratford farmland.
Cousin Helen painting while sitting in the boot of her car. Usually a good place to paint, away from public scrutiny. This got very cold, very quickly.
The four members of our art support group Unlimited Palette. From left Pam, Sally, Robyn and Berys. Now we are three as Sally moves North to be closer to family. We will miss her support and knowledge. We wish her well.

Upcoming events for June include:

My special little birthday treat. Thanks Sharron. We were at the Suter gallery in Nelson when we ‘bumped’ into Sharron from the Art Tour. She was visiting from Auckland.

Upcoming events for June:

The second workshop with the Waihi U3A group on working with watercolour.

Probus Studio visit. Another opportunity to share my passion.

A five day rest and relax workshop run by Alice Sheridan. I currently listen to her and Louise Fletcher’s podcast, Art Juice, so I’m looking forward to gaining more of an insight into her art journey and how I can help work with mine. Rest and relax…how hard can it be?

Ka kite ano all you lovely followers. Share my blog with others who may be interested and follow me on Instagram @ pamelalinesart.

Talk to you next month.


6 thoughts on “Just June

  1. My how far you have come in your field of expertise Pam since I first met you some five years ago. I celebrate the fact you are sharing your gifts with others as you continue on with your own journey of exploration and self discovery. Time to give yourself a pat on the back.

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    1. Thanks Lyall. Looking back I do see some steep learning curves, but looking forward is always an unknown that I know I can deal with. You are always my support.


  2. Thank you for your good wishes Pam . I will miss you lovely women and inspiring artists. It has been a pleasure and a joy to be a part of Unlimited Palette. Love you all.


  3. What a joy to read and see your master pieces, in particular brought a smile seeing the leaning tower!! Loved them all and look forward to our next Plein Air “fun”. Claire

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