Into July

I joined Tauranga Urban Sketchers for their morning sketching. It was a beautiful old villa on Cambridge road. Originally moved there from Dannevirk. Restored and added onto but I found a corner to sit and draw. About an hour into it the rain came down.

Villa. Tauranga Urban Sketchers

The biggest event of the month was getting COVID. Still don’t know where I got it from. Still I was lucky . It didn’t hit me too hard, and it gave me days in my studio that I enjoyed. Unfortunately it meant the PopUp exhibition we were having in the village was canceled. The plan is to try again in October when the weather is warmer.

We went walking through the gorge with my daughter and her partner when they visited from Australia. I gave them COVID.

I completed an online course with Alice Sheridan called Refresh and Reset. Alice does a podcast called Art Juice that I listen to as well. Exercises to help get you over the blocks that you have in your art and how to look forward to progressing into the next big thing…. Or small thing. The biggest advantage of the course was the hundreds of other artists who shared their work and IG accounts to follow. The down side has been the crazy men who want to be my ‘friend’ with names like Brad Pit and Keanau Reeves. Never mind there is always a delete button.

I want to extend my watercolour paintings by using line within them. This one of rocks was fun and I liked the outcome.
An abstract impression of the McKenzie Country landscape. I used some wax resist on the mountains to give the impression of snow.
Really pushed it with colour on this one of the McKenzie Country landscape too. What do you think? Too much?

The Waihi Plein air group met at the Waikino Rail station. It was raining and cold but I found the back of the car quite acceptable.

Out of the rain.
Waikino station.
Then inside for our coffee by the fire. Not a good photo. I’m no selfie photographer at all.

Thanks for following my blog and my art journey.

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Ka kite…….Pamela

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  1. I do enjoy your work very much Pamela. (from Melbourne Australia) Thank you for sharing


  2. Oh my how clever you are. I loved your art especially the one of the house. I’m also impressed th


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